Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Some finished items

I may have knit a bit over my holiday break.


became this

I made this cowl for my husband's cousin's wife on the car rides to Iowa and Wisconsin for family gatherings.  I love it and hated to see it go, but I have to start knitting more for others because I already have several scarves and really only one neck.

I made yet another "One Row Scarf".  The pattern in really addictive and easy (great for Doctor Who watching).  I will make more.

This one is without a home.  Maybe I'll do a give-a-way.

I made some dishcloths which I did not photograph.

I started baby knitting.  My hubby has two cousins having babies in March so, I need to start making things.


This is a Baby Kimono by Mason-Dixon Knitting.  I also made a bib to match and will probably make several more. I am making the second kimono now (more on this later). 

I finished my first sock.

It is huge (that is my husband's men's size 14 foot) but that is to be expected since I was knitting on larger needles than the pattern called for and I usually need to go down a size or two.  I still have another one to go to make a pair.  I have to find the other skein I bought.  I started this sock over Labor Day weekend (again in a car ride traveling to Wisconsin) and it was abandoned with I came to the heel and did not understand the directions.  Over break I decided to give it a go once more and I totally understood the directions.  My knitting has really improved over the past few months--I feel bold and ready to try new things.  This is mostly because I found a way to not use DPNs (which I loathed using) and now use magic loop knitting.  This opens up a whole new world to me and my knitting.  2012 will definitely be a year of new and exciting projects.

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