Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Three Hour Cowl

I was looking for something big, fast and chunky to make and I found The Three Hour Cowl.  It is made from super chunky yarn and as the title suggests, a quick project.  I should have timed myself.  I don't think it took three hours, but it may have.

I bought some yarn especially for the project.  This is Plymouth Yarn Encore Mega.  Nice yarn.  Washable, which is important for winter items not intended for me.  I know not everyone likes to wash things by hand and line dry (not that I like it either, but I do it for my yarn creations, if needed.)  Mega is 75% acrylic and 25% wool and machine washable.  I bought two skeins, but I did not use it all and I have some left over.

It did not start out looking like much.  It is basically just two inches of ribbing then seven inches of stockinette, which is just knitting in the round.  Then, it ends with two more inches of ribbing. Ta da!  Not much thought.

It turned out nicely.  I already have a recipient in mind, but it is a surprise so, I won't say who here.

The great thing about knitting is that the project make warm goodies.  The problem about knitting this winter is that no one cares about warm goodies because it is over 50 degrees in January in Central Illinois!  My friends and family that are more northern dwellers are having the same mild winter.  However, that is all supposed to change tonight.  Snow is coming; today's low temperature is tomorrow's high temp.  Finally some cold weather to appreciate the warm goodness that is handcrafted knitting.  I'm all set.

What about you?  Are you ready for some real mid-west winter?  Or are you happy with the no snow?  Are you all set?

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  1. I am so not ready for super cold weather, again. I was really enjoying the spring-like weather. But I guess you're right: it will give knitters, crochet'ers, and various other crafters incentive to get stitching!