Monday, January 30, 2012

Thrummed Slippers

I finished the thrummed slippers I fist blogged about here.

These thrummed slippers are a part of the knit-a-longs at The Fiber Universe. Every month, the store selects a pattern that helps us knitters fulfill the 2012 challenges.  The challenges are lists of 12 things to do: techniques (like thrums) and projects (like slippers).  Completing all 12 equals a free skein of yarn.  I am going to complete 3 of the 4 challenge sheets: projects, knitting techniques and crochet techniques.  The other challenge list is spinning and I am just not good at that nor do I own a spinning wheel, but in February I may learn to drop spindle spin.  So maybe I can do all 4, maybe.  

I started and finished this January KAL in the correct month and everything. I am off to a great start.

I made them for someone special.   I hope to see that person soon so, I can give them away.  Here my daughter is modeling them; they are just a bit too big.  I probably could size the pattern down and make a pair for her, but I have other things to make to complete the challenges first..

As I stated earlier, this pattern is not especially easy to read., but I made it through.  The second one is so much easier than the first.

You may be wondering why my bunny slippers don't look like bunnies.  I decided to just end with the slipper part and not add the bunny features.

I get to start my next KAL on Wednesday. Februrary's project is Teknika Gloves.

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  1. Hello Michelle. I am looking for a free knitting pattern for Thrummed Slippers. My mother, at the age of 87, remembers making them and would like a pattern to try to make them again. Can you help me? My email address is
    In advance, thanks for your help.