Thursday, January 12, 2012


So nearly four years ago my mom gave me a diaper bag, she thought it was the one on my baby registry, but it wasn't.  I never returned it and it has been sitting around my house and/or my mom's house ever since.

Finally, I had a great idea.  I could use it as a knitting bag.  It is big with tons of little pockets to keep tools.  All I had to do was remove the changing pad.

Totally saved me big bucks since I was looking at The Swift.  As if I would ever buy such a bag, but it is nice to dream.  I am just as happy with my free re-purposed bag.  It is designed my Amy Coe, who mostly designs baby items, but no one has to know that...just you I guess.

What is in my knitting bag this week?  Pink roving and purple chunky yarn.  I am making the January Knit-A-Long from The Fiber Universe.  I'm heading there tonight for knit night.  I needs some help interpreting the directions.

Oh and we did get the snow.

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