Thursday, January 26, 2012


Librarian fact: did you know that primary resources are important for research?  Guess what, journals are a primary resources and ever since I watched my first Doogie Howser show, I have wanted to be someone who writes a daily journal.

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Boy, was he good at journaling.  He had great poignant things to say that perfectly summed up his day in just a few words. Plus, I was in early elementary school when the show was on and I was proud that I could read what he wrote, even if I did not understand it.  It was my favorite part and I anxiously awaited the journaling scene. I just wanted to type on a blue screen computer so bad, just like Doogie.

Anyway, I've had diaries and blogs over the years, but nothing that I really kept up with.  But I think I have found something I can stick with, 280daily.

280daily is a free website/app where you can briefly journal about your day.  Briefly = 280 characters.  This forces me to write just a few sentences to sum up my day.  It doesn't take long.  It is just perfect for chronicling my day.  You can also add photos to go with your daily posts. You can use it for personal reflection or for chronicling what you did at work.  Anything that you want.

Since I started 280daily (two weeks ago), I have not missed a day and most days have a photo to go with it.  Worried about people reading your personal thoughts? Journal entries are private and will remain private.  As they say "free, secure, private and unsociable."  There is even a way to search past entries with a quick search box..

Want to try it?  Use this referral code and I can earn more characters for my daily posts.

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Give it a try.  You can get an email sent to you to remind you to journal.  That is half the battle, remembering to journal.  That little feature has kept me journaling away.

Have you been a journal-er?  Have you ever found a long, lost journal from your childhood?   Did you love Doogie Howser or still love Neil Patrick Harris in whatever he does?

This is not a paid advertisement.  I just love the app and wanted to pass it all on to you.


  1. 1. I am doing a low-tech version of this:

    2. I loved Doogie Howser! I could play the theme song on the piano at one point.

    3. I journaled almost every day from 8th grade to my senior year of high school. I open one up whenever I need a good laugh.

    1. I wish I would have journaled more in high school. I know I have a journal or two out there. I just wish I knew where they were.