Saturday, January 14, 2012

All Wound Up: A Review

The first knitting blog I ever started to follow was Stephanie Pearl-McPhee's aka The Yarn Harlot.  She is a niche writer; she writes about knitting.  Not how to knit or patterns (but she does do that a bit), she writes about her experiences knitting.  She loves, loves yarn and knitting.  And she is pretty funny. Her books are a lot like her blog.  Every chapter in the book is a new vignette into the life of a crazed knitter and yarn hoarder.

All Wound Up is her newest book.  It just came out a few months ago.  Reading her writing inspires me to be a better knitter, because Stephanie has amazing skills and I want to emulate said skills.  It also makes me feel better about how much I feel knitting is becoming an obsession, because I don't think I could make it to her level.  But, then again, she is about 20 years older than me, maybe in 20 years I could reach that level.  Someone stop me before I am like her and start storing yarn in the freezer because that is the only place there is room.

My only problem with Stephanie is that she is not a fan of crocheting.  She just doesn't like it and I really do.  But in this book, she actually inspired me to crochet more because she actually wrote about the merits of crocheting. Did you know crocheting must be done by hand?  No machine can replicate it, unlike knitting machines.

Which got me to thinking, I haven't crocheted in a while.  So I picked out a pattern and went yarn shopping.

Good stuff coming!!!!!

Do you follow The Yarn Harlot?  Who do you follow?  Would you store yarn in the freezer?

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