Sunday, January 15, 2012

In the Bag

In my knitting bag this week is my January knit-a-long from my lys, The Fiber Universe.

From this:


To this:


I made this:


It was not very easy as the pattern's instructions are very cryptic.  I had to rip out many, many times.  I think the second one will go much better.

The pattern is Bunny Hop Thrummed Bunny Slippers.  I am not making the bunny part.  I am using Cascade Yarns Pacific Chunky.  It is a nice yarn.  I am using merino roving.  See my project page here.

There is a recipient in mind for these and, again, it is a secret, so I won't divulge it here.

The awesome feature of this slipper is the thrums.  Thrums are these little "v" stitches in pink. 

They are made from roving (un-spun yarn).  I just pull off some roving (about the size of the yarn I am using) and knit it into the pattern.


The thrums make the inside very cozy and fuzzy.


Usually, you find thrums in mittens, but slippers work too.   I can't really see them being useful in other knitted objects, but I may be wrong. 


Now I have to make another to have a matching pair.

Speaking of matching pairs.  I started on my second sock, so my husband can actually have a pair.  I hope this one takes me less than 4 months to complete, unlike the first one.

Do you find it hard to make the second object to a pair?  Have you ever used thrums?

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