Thursday, January 19, 2012


People think that yarn crafting is for the patient or people with a lot of free time.  It is not.  It is for the un-patient.  The people who cannot sit still.  The people who need to do something.  The people who can't sit still and need an outlet.  It is for the busy people who hate to wait and just sit around (for example at the doctors office).  It keeps us sane.

I have a lot of nervous energy.  Just born with it I guess (you should see the energy of my mom and her sisters).  I run, I work, I parent and I craft. Oh and I jiggle my legs/ tap my feet a lot.  This habit kills my husband, as I often shake the whole car or pew or table or wherever I am.

When I said I was surprised by my daughters patience to learn to knit on a loom at 3 1/2 years old, I should really not be.  She has the energy and she needs the outlet.  I love watching her knit on her loom.  She concentrates so hard to make sure she does it right.  Then, she rejoices when she finishes another round.  She asks for me to measure it (she wants to make sure it is indeed getting longer) and then asks me to put more yarn on the loom for her.

 Look at that concentration and skill.  She is a natural.  And it is a great, productive outlet for her energy.  Maybe I'll even be able to take her to knit night with me somday.

I think I could have her on knitting needles within a year, if she is interested.  Which I hope she will be.

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