Wednesday, January 25, 2012


I made my first amigurumi.  Well it is not my first, I made a carrot may years ago, but it did not turn out right so, I guess this is my first successful amigurumi.

What is amigurumi?  It is crocheting or knitting little toys.  Usually an animal, person, food or other object.  I tried it a few years ago and I did not like the result.  I had planned on making veggies for my daughter's toy kitchen.  I started with the carrot and got discouraged, never to try it again for years.. 

One of the great authorities in the field is Ana Paula Rimoli.  This is the author of many amigurumi patterns and books including this one:

I will have to get this from the library soon.

I used her cupcake pattern and made this:

I plan on making more. I think I stuffed this one too much.  It seems to be bulging a bit.  I also need to add some sprinkles, perhaps.

My daughter was very excited to see this one so, I need to make more for her dolls to have a tea and cupcake party.   She will need many flavors (or colors, whatever you want to call it.)  This one is chocolate with strawberry frosting.  I picked up a skein of a really bright blue that will make excellent, fun frosting, too.

I also might check out some of the other cupcake patterns to see which one I like the best.  Next one up is Karla Fitch's (aka Itsy Bitsy Spider, a great crochet blog) Amigurumi Cupcakes pattern.

photo from knitpicks.

What do you think?  Should my cupcake have a smile?  Have you made amigurumi?  What thing should I make next?  There tons of free patterns at Lion Brand Yarn.

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