Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Darla Experience

Every month I go to the chiropractor with my kids.  I've been under chiropractic care over half of my life. I credit chiropractic care to keeping me a runner.  When I was in high school my hip would click when I ran. My IT band was so tight that it would click over my hip.  I went to tons of physical therapy but nothing seemed to help. I tried chiropractic care and within a few adjustments the clicking subsided. It wasn't my IT band so much as my hips. Once I got my hips aligned, the clicking disappeared. I continue to go monthly for "tune-ups." I also started my kids on chiropractic care which I know is controversial, but I have seen the benefits. When you grow as fast as my kids (Miss D has grown yet another inch since her birthday in April!!!) you are bound to need some adjustment.

So I took my kids to the chiropractor like I do every month.

Do you recall the scene in the movie Finding Nemo when Nemo tries to escape the clutches of the dentist's niece, Darla? The fish in the tank try to get Nemo out causing the dentist's instruments to flop around and make noise while Darla screams. All the people in the waiting room get concerned with all the drilling and screaming coming from the exam room.

That is what it is like when I took my kids to the chiropractor. Miss D who has had her neck adjusted dozen of times suddenly freaked out and started screaming. Once she was adjusted, Luke started his screaming fest.  As I was adjusted, they fought and screamed at each other. I was glad when it was time to leave. A woman even remarked to the chiropractor that she wasn't sure she should go in the exam room after all the crying. I know she was giving him a hard time, but it made me realize I had just had another Darla Experience.

I am not under the idea that children should be seen and not heard. We are loud people.  Even when being good, my kids are loud. I think it is something I am going to have to learn to accept, but I don't want to. I want to have people see me as the parent who has it all together with nice kids who behave and are never loud and crazy.  But that is not who we are.  I know I need to work on accepting this as part of my family life, but it is hard. Parenting is hard. Being a family is hard. Being quiet is hard. We are a loud and crazy family and we go out in public so watch out world. But you won't have to watch out too hard because you'll hear us coming.