Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New Yarn Part 1

I bought yarn for new projects.  I was going to put both projects in one blog post, but it got too long so I split it up.

This is for my February KAL:

Very bright.  I seem to be making a turn from the neutral colors I usually choose.  I don't remember the brands or colorways.  It is sock yarn though.

We are making Teknika gloves.

The purple yarn will replace the gray and the pink variegated yarn will be my color accents.

This will be my first time knitting in fair isle and my first time making gloves.  I've made mittens so, I figure making gloves is a lot like making mittens, but with many more, strategically placed and longer thumbs.  The awesome factor to this project is that connective thread is used in the tips of the index fingers so that you can still use your smart phone while wearing gloves.  I am so excited for this project.  I hope I get to use them this season, but it is 50 degrees outside.  I hope we get a few more weeks of winter.

Have you ever done color work before? Do you ever dress too warm for the weather to show off your handmade goods? (I may be guilty of this.)

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