Wednesday, February 1, 2012

New Yarn Part 2

This yarn purchase is for an exciting "un-named" project.
Cascade 220. 100%  Wool.

I am test knitting.  Test knitting is when a pattern designer gives the pattern they made to someone to test it out and make sure it makes sense and is not missing any steps before making it available to the public.  I am very honored to be test knitting for MunchkinMama @ Everything...All at Once.  She is a very good technical knitter so I am surprised she thinks I am good enough to knit for her.  I feel quite special and a bit over-estimated. 

The project is flip-top mittens; a hybrid of mitten and fingerless-gloves.  I love wearing my store-bought pair; that is how she chose me to test knit these. 

This is what MunchkinMama's look like

Photos from MunchkinMama;'s Raverly Project Page

The little "v" pattern look like thrums, (like my slippers) but they are not.  The yarn is held, so it is more like fair isle. I guess I am just jumping into the land of knitting color work.  Not sure what color I will make my little "Vs", I have a bunch of yarn in my stash to choose from.  Something that goes with lime green, I guess.  Any suggestions?

I will also make these two-at-the-same time, a technique I have never before tried, but am dying to learn.  By making both at the same time I will not run into the issue of the pair being different sizes or having different tensions (like I did with my husband's socks).  It is also helpful because once you are done, you are done.  You don't have to then start the second pair. 

What are you learning to do in February?  Is your weather crazy warm?  Do you think the groundhog will see it's shadow tomorrow?  Does it really matter?

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