Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Work-in-Progress Wednesday

I started these for some Super Bowl knitting.

These are the mittens I am test knitting.  I have discovered that I am not a very good test knitter.  I swatched to make sure I used the right sized needles.  However, I did not check my gauge as I knit along.  My gauge, it turns out, is one less stitch per inch than called for so I am making these mittens a bit too big.  I am always learning.

I should have taken more pictures along the way becuase this is my first two-at-a-time project.  I just followed this very helpful video.

She is actually casting her purl stitches on twisted, the right way is like this video:

This is so great.  Now I can make a matching pair at the same time.  Now I don't have to worry about making socks or mittens the same length, they just will be because I will make them at the same time.

I still have some knitting to do on this pair as they are flip-top mittens, so I need to make the flip-tops.

What are you up to this fine Wednesday?

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