Friday, February 17, 2012


My daughter, it turns out, is a very insightful child and this week has been especially so.  Usually most of our conversations are about getting ready for school, leaving school, cooking, cleaning, eating, potty training, movies bathing and sleeping. Not too exciting, but she is starting to reach the age where she has very interesting conversation topics.

As we were going up the step to the day care D exclaimed "I want to be a leader."  She said "a" not "the", which may have been a little slip up for a 3 year old but for me it is a big difference.  Suddenly,  a has one of those light-bulb-turning-on-over-your-head moments.  I thought, "Truer, words have never been spoken."  Of course she wants to be a leader.  It is part of everything she does.  She is an only child, of course she thinks she is the leader.  Plus, she just has natural leadership qualities; something great to have, but not as a 3 year old.  This may be our biggest obstacle together because I want to be the leader too.  We both can't lead no matter how hard we try.

Another moment came in the car.  We cross the Illinois River every day on our commute to my work/her daycare.  Every morning we look for the buoy and every afternoon we look for the crane boats (dredging equipment) as we cross over the bridge.  One day this week, D asked where the buoy's parents were.  D thinks that there should be a parent and baby for every object.  I told her the buoy was an adult and did not need to be with its parents.  She then told be that it was small and needed parents like the crane boats.  This. I thought. was pretty insightful.  Both are made of metal and "live" in the river.  One is small and the other is large.  Just another looking into the workings of  her mind.

D's favorite new word is "Hall-a-hula", which is her rendition of "hallelujah".  She picked it up from Shrek and the song "Hallelujah" by Leonard Cohen, I think.  I think she is trying to sing the song too or she is just in a very Palm Sunday type mood. 

Okay, so these might not be the most insightful things ever said, but for a 3 year old, I think it is pretty good.  She is making categories for herself to learn the world around her.  She is smart, maybe, too smart.

I would have added some pictures here but, the battery in the camera is dead and I am not sure where the charger is. I know I charged it a Christmas, but now I have no idea where the charger would be. Hopefully I find it this weekend.

What to you have planned for the weekend?  Something more exciting than looking for a camera battery charger?

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