Thursday, February 16, 2012


I got a great tip the other week from a lady at knit night.  It has totally changed my attitude toward my camera.

We got a new camera about 18 months ago.  We spend pretty good money on it.  It was the camera Taylor Swift was the spokesperson for, so we thought it had to be good.  It is a nice, little, automatic camera with some manual features that I never use, but could use, if I read the manual. It is a good camera, but the flash is just so over powering.  It is a tiny little flash, barely even there, but it distorts all colors in every indoor photo, which is almost every photo I take.  It takes my pale skin to a new paler shade, something I am not excited about.

So here is the tip.  Tape a piece of a single tissue over the flash.  You'll have to pull apart the Kleenex so it is just one layer.  This makes the flash less harsh.  She said it mimics the effect photographers have with their fancy flashes.

 Photo of my camera from my phone.

See that evil reflection?

This is even with some editing with Picnik.

Now with the tissue.

No reflection.  Amazing.  And no editing with Picnik.

I will definitely be using this trick from now on.  I hope my craft projects will look better in photos now.

What are your camera tricks?    I am a point-and-shoot kind of girl so any tips are appreciated.


  1. Fancy! I hate our point and shoot..that's why I'm trying to learn the fancy camera.

    And I'm still mourning the loss of Picnik...

  2. Wow! That is a great trick! I'm going to have to try that. I'd have to say that crappy pictures are the #1 reason I don't post any of my knitting pictures. The project looks great when I'm finished, but when I take a picture, it looks washed out and crappy and the color's all off. I will definitely try the tissue trick. Thank you! And thank you, Knit Night Lady!