Tuesday, January 24, 2012

First Pair

Ever since I learned to knit in the Spring of 2009, my husband has been asking me for to make him socks.  In nearly three years of knitting, I have make lots of things and proudly shown my husband each item.  Most times he would reply with something like, "Those are not socks."  It became a running gag really.

I finished my first ever sock on New Year's day 2012.  It was huge, perfect for my hubby.  I thought I would not make a second one (you know completing a pair, two feet? Gah.) and just move on to other projects, but it kept nagging at me and well, I already had the yarn.  So, this weekend I made it a finished pair.

They don't fit quite right and they are different lengths and tensions.  But as I understand it, that is how most knitter's first socks turn out.  They are everything first socks should be.

I am very happy with them (and so his my husband so no more jokes!!!***) and I do plan on making more socks.  Maybe two at at time?  Or two at a time toe up?  I already have the yarn, needles and pattern.  I just need the time to cast on and get sucked in.

Have you ever made socks? Any pattern or yarn recommendations? Or do you have an annoying joke with your partner?

***he says he wants more socks, ones he can wear out of the house, so maybe that will be the new joke.

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