Thursday, May 3, 2012

Wingspan, again

I have some knitting goals for the year.  I seem to base my life off of goals.  I guess I am just a goal orientated person.  Anyway, my local yarn store created a series of  challenges and I am going to complete those challenges.  To complete the challenges I have to make 9 different projects or 9 different techniques from assigned categories.  I am making new items I would have never made before which, I guess, is what a challenge is all about. 

My new favorite project is the shawl.  I don't know anyone who wears shawls, but there are some great and beautiful knitting patterns for shawls.

This is my Wingspan

The pattern uses short rows to make the triangles. (This project counts for a shawl and short rows in the challenges. I love double dipping!)  It looks complicated, but it is so easy.  I had the pattern memorized immediately.  I didn't even need to use stitch markers.

I loved the yarn too.  It is Rhythm by Jojoland in Aquarius.  It is a very nice yarn to work with and the color change is pretty amazing.  It is superwash wool so, it has less problems with washing than regular 100% wool since it can be machine washed.

This is the second Wingspan I have made.  My first one turned out more like a small scarf or neckerchief.  I made some adjustments and this one came out just right.  I may have to make this shawl again and again, maybe with sock yarn (you know how I suddenly love knitting big things with small yarn and tiny needles).

This project has brought me in to the realm of shawl knitting.  I already love knitting scarves so, this was an easy jump.  I am now finding so many great shawl patterns (including this TARDIS one).  They call me like a siren.  But now, who will wear these shawls?  I don't know anyone who does.  Maybe I need to start wearing shawls to complete the librarian look? This is the perfect case for me to start selling items because, I want to make them, but not wear them. (Okay, so I would wear the TARDIS shawl, I mean who wouldn't.)  

What are your feelings on shawls?


  1. I personally love shawls. You might find you quite like them, too. They're perfect for curling up and reading. Just make sure they're big enough for a good cuddle!

  2. Maybe you will start a new trend by wearing shawls. The wing span one is soooo pretty!