Monday, May 7, 2012

Beauty Queens

My book club finally chose a book from my favorite genre.

Libba Bray is a pretty well know author in the YA world.  She won the Printz a few years back.  This is her latest book Beauty Queens.

The premise is that a plane, carrying beauty contestants in the Miss Teen Dream competition, crashes into a tropical island. Now the beauty queens have to rely on intellect and not their looks to survive.

I did enjoy reading this book.  All the beauty queens were very interesting people and all very different. One  a lesbian, one transgendered, one an undercover journalist, you get the picture.

This book is full of social satire and I like that in a book, especially a book where teens are the main audience.  It does deliver good lessons in being who you are and not giving in to social pressures to be pretty and perfect all the time.

The ending of this book is well weird.   Lots of things happen really fast that are really unbelievability crazy. The epilogue is like a movie ending where there is a big ending scene and all the main characters are together and there are subtitles telling you what happens to the person in the future. You know the "So and So goes on to teach English in China or whatever" statements.  That kind of threw me.  I was not expecting that in a book, but it does fit the comedy feel of this book.

As a fiend of mine pointed out: Libba Bray thinks she is funnier than really she is.  Only she is a proper English teacher and wouldn't end her sentence in a preposition.  I agree that Libba Bray definitely thinks she is funny and the book is funny.  I did laugh, but not to the degree I think the author wanted me to laugh.

My book club thought it was pretty weird too.  I think if you read it and think of the characters in a crazy Nickelodeon sitcom, like That's so Raven, it is pretty good. 

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