Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Lock and Key

Over the weekend I was fortunate to read:

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Lock and Key by Sarah Dessen.

Abandoned by her mother, Ruby has to go live with her older sister, Cora, who left for college and never came back.  Ruby has had no contact with her sister in 10 years.  Now Ruby, who never wanted to rely on anyone, has to learn to make friends in a posh new neighborhood and school and live with her new family.

This is not my favorite Sarah Dessen novel, but it is still pretty good.  I did read is in a matter of a two days on my Sony eReader. In general, I love Sarah Dessen novels. She writes sweet coming-of-age stories with a bit of romance.  (I mean most coming-of-age stories have some love interest so I am not sure if that really defines her.)  Dessen's style is to have a female protagonist with a "tragic" past.  The tragedy may be a dead parent, abandoned (as in Lock and Key), divorced parents or the like.  The point is: home life was not great for the protagonist.   But in the story she learns to cope with her feelings and overcomes obstacles and usually finds really great friends and a guy to crush on.  I love these books.  They are just feel good books.  I know in the end everything will turn out alright and sometimes I just need a story where everything turns out alright, even if this is not so true to real life.

I want to read every book she has ever written.

Her bibliography includes:

That Summer
Someone Like You
Keeping the Moon 

This Lullaby
The Truth About Forever (Read-My favorite!!!)
Just Listen
Lock and Key
Along for the Ride (Read)
What Happened to Goodbye

So I am about half way to reading all of them!  I also need to see the movie How to Deal because it is based on Someone Like You and That Summer.  Of course, I'll have to read the books first.

Who is the author that you want to read everything they have ever published?

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