Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Week

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week and so I decided to make D's teachers a little something.

These are the Flower Cloths by KrisKnits

This is the pansy...

And this is the sunflower...

I have been making KrisKnits dishcloths for a while but I can never get them to turn out a nice as the pictures of the patterns she sells (I even follow her special blocking instructions).  I can barely tell that is a sunflower.  In fact, I cannot tell it at all.  Still, it will do it's job and clean dishes and counter and whatnot.

I only had a few days notice that it is Teacher Appreciation Week so, I only got two cloths made for D's two main teachers.  I would like to make one for each teacher at the child care center (6 more).  Maybe I will just make them throughout the coming weeks and surprise them.

What are you doing for Teacher Appreciation Week?


  1. Art does not necessarily imitate life. ;) The cloths are pretty and functional, and her teachers will love them.

    1. I gave them to the teachers this morning and she knew it was a sun/sunflower. I was surprised.