Tuesday, March 6, 2012

New Trick

I learned a new trick over the weekend. It is enterlac (pronunciations vary). 

My favorite yarn store had a class on learning entrelac over the weekend.  I could not go because I had to work.  So I decided to teach myself.  I am not one to be left behind.   I got a good pattern and cast on.  I suggest The Entrelac Scarf Tutorial by KnittyOtter.   It has very good pictures and great instructions.

I first did a sample to figure this whole thing out. 

There is a lot of short rows, picking up stitches, slip stitches and purling or knitting two stitches together, but if you just follow the instructions it comes out right.

I cast on for a scarf.  I know, I make a lot of scarves, but everyone needs a warm neck (just not this winter.)  And I swore I would not make another scarf out of sock year after the Hitchhiker, but here I go again.

The yarn is Three Irish Girls Adorn Sock in Bryn.  I love it so much.  I am knitting on size US 4 needles.

I have done the repeats a few more times since I took this picture  and I basically have the entire pattern memorized.  I just have to do a bit of quick checking here and there to make sure my memory is correct.

I love the technique and I will probably be doing more enterlac in the future.  I am thinking pillows for the couch.

What did you learn this weekend?  Have you ever tried entrelac?


  1. We must be craft twins! I'm working on my first entrelac project now!