Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Review: Is Everyboday Hanging Our Without Me?

Mindy Kaling is funny.  I didn't know this because I had never heard of her until my book club decided to read this book for our March meeting.
Apparently Mindy is a writer and actor in this show called The Office.  I have never watched, but I've heard good things.  I am really surprised that I have never watched The Office because I love comedy shows, I guess I have been busy or watching something else when it is on.

Her book is funny, which is good because she is a comedy writer.  I listened to it on audio (read by her) while knitting, my new favorite multi-tasking activity.  This book is a collection of lists and stories about her life.  She hasn't done anything super amazing (except, you know, The Office and some cool play I've never heard of) but has had a good life and she tells it well.

I am glad that my book club selected to read this book because I never would have picked it on my own.  I enjoyed listening to Mindy's rantings and it is a fast read.  The audio book is only 4 hours.

If you want a quick read that is funny check this one out.

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