Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Mindful Steps

Cast on new socks several days ago. The pattern is Mindful Steps from Knit Picks and the yarn is Cascade Heritage Sock Yarn. 

My daughter felt compelled to pose with them.  Sometimes she hates having her picture taken and sometimes she loves it. This is probably one of her best pictures.  She tends to smile too hard and it makes her look like she is in pain, but this is the perfect smile.

I have jury duty this week so I have been away from the internets. I am back at work today, but have to leave work early tomorrow for my jury- the coroner's jury.  So I am only working 2.5 days this week as a librarian and the rest of the time I am doing my civic duty.  I took my socks along to work on while waiting around to do my civic duty, but I barely worked on them at all.  I mostly read.

These socks are not meant to be my main project, but a side project that I can always come to when needed.  It might take me a long time to complete these or not.  It is nice to be knitting without a deadline. 

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