Thursday, March 29, 2012

Just for Her

We have a special tulip.
So you see it?

Here it is up close. (Disregard the dandelion.  The Weed-B-Gone is going on this coming weekend, I hope.)

We have one purple tulip among the red and yellows.  Purple is D's favorite color and I told her it is a special tulip just for her.

Have you ever seen a purple tulip?  They seem to be a big hit around Peoria.  I don't recall seeing a purple tulips until moving here.  I am not sure where this one came from because we did not have a purple tulip last year.  Hmmmm.


  1. I love your tulips! The yellow ones are my favourites. :)

    1. Thanks. They all came with the house so I really can;t take credit- except for telling Adam to not mow them down. I did a bit of planting last year, but those flowers won't be up for a bit.