Thursday, March 1, 2012

Audio Books

Can I knit and read at the same time? Yes I can. (Now only if I could run at the same time too.)  Right now I am working on making a million (okay 10) dishcloths.  I also need to read this book for my book club meeting next week.

Enter audio books.  I haven't listened to an audio book in years.  I used to read books on audio all the time when I was a library assistant processing books.  I didn't have to talk to anyone or be aware of anyone else, just do my job so, I could just listen away.  I read a ton of books over the few years I worked there.  But since moving to Peoria, I have not read a single audio book, until now.

I am not done with Is Everyone Hanging Out With Me? by Mindy Kaling, but I am enjoying it immensely.  It is read by her so, there is good delivery.  I don't even know who she is really because I don't watch The Office, but I love her humor and stories in this book.  Thanks to Kathleen for suggesting this one for book club.  It is just what I needed; a great, hilarious pick me up. 

I think I am going to attempt to get all my book club books on audio so I can listen and knit.  I love multi-tasking!  Makes me feel accomplished even if I am just doing two hobbies at once.  The only drawback is how I am listening.  If I am listening at home through the computer, I can listen through the speakers and still hear what my daughter is up to, but I have to sit near the computer.  If I listen through my iPod with my headphones, I have mobility, but I can't hear what she is up to.  I guess I will have to find a happy medium and hope that my husband travels less (not going to happen) so I can have more selfish reading time.

What are you reading?  Do you love audio books?  Do you multi-task while listening like me?

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  1. I love audio books! I used them a lot when driving, but not so much now. When I used to do reader's advisory, I'd tell people to try to choose books read by a comedian or an actor. A good reader makes all the difference.