Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Summer Cowl

The secret has been delivered and received so I can blog about it!

My Aunt Cheryl send me a link of a cowl pattern on Pinterest that she liked.  She asked me if I could maybe teach her how to make it.  Well, since she lives in South Dakota and I in Illinois, I thought it would just be easier to order the yarn and make it for her as a surprise.  She is my Godmother after all.

The pattern is from NobleKnits, a new favorite shop and blog of mine.

The yarn Berroco Lago is made of 81% Viscose, 19% Linen.  That is very different from all other fibers I have worked with so, it took a bit of getting used to, but I caught on to the feel and whipped this puppy out in a week.  

I also ordered yarn for myself. In citrus.

I am just about finished with it now and in just a few days.  In all maybe 4-5 hours of knitting here and there.  It is a nice summery cowl.  I hope I wear it.  I love making things but rarely wear them.  They just sit in a bag waiting to be used.

I love this pattern and yarn and I think I may make more, but first I have other things to knit.


  1. And I love mine. It is perfect for summer It looks really good with a black or white shirt. It is just perfect. Glad I am your godmother.

  2. Still want to learn how to make one. Maybe I will have to come visit you sometime.