Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Running Pace

This past Saturday I ran my longest training distance for the half-marathon.  I was lucky enough to be back at my mom's house so I got to run in Scott Country Park.

Scott County Park is my old training ground for cross country.  I know those roads so well.  I know exactly how far I have gone at any point and I know the next point and the next.  At least I thought I did.  In cross country we almost never ran over 4 miles.  Not sure why.  That 4 miles block was a mental block for years, I never thought I could run further than just that.  A few times a season our coach would have us run a longer loop.  I recall him saying it was 5 miles, so for my 10 run I decided to run the loop twice.  Well the loop is not 5 miles because I ended up running 11.5 miles upon the completion of the two loops about an hour and forty-five minutes later.  That is a great time and I felt great.  I started early enough in the morning that it was warm but not too hot.  It just was a bit longer than anticipated, but come the race I only have to go 1.65 miles more.

My half-marathon race is March 31- about a week and a half away.  I only have 4 more runs before the race, but I feel ready.  Come cheer for me if you are in the area.  I hear I am going to need it.  My chiropractor (a runner) said that his friend ran the course and it was way hilly.

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