Friday, March 2, 2012

Adult Decisions

In nearly seven years of marriage, my husband and I have never picked out curtains.  Mostly because it is hard for us to agree on anything. But we made the leap last weekend.

 I am very happy with the living room.
I spent a lot of time ironing curtains on Sunday night.  We even decided on a run but, will purchase it later.

Not so happy with the dining room but I can live with them a while, I guess.  My husband picked them out and he likes them.  I can make some concessions, for a bit.

This is what I really want.

Here is a better look:

They are Cindy Crawford Style Trivoli Window Panels and one panel costs more that the set we have in the dining room.  But I love these!!!!  I think the blues would look so good together.

Thank you to Alexis, my neighbor,  for having awesome curtains and inspiring me to decorate.  Also thanks to Alexis' mom who helped her pick out Alexis' curtains and gave me some advise to get the process moving.

What are you decorating issues? What do you think of my curtains?  Sorry the pictures are at weird angles, I didn't want you to see the mess.

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