Monday, February 6, 2012

FO: Wavy Blanky

After hours of crocheting and believing that it was in fact not getting any bigger and would never end...I finished off the Wavy Blanky and sewed in all the ends (a huge undertaking).

It is a beautiful and wonderful thing to behold.  I estimate the work hours at 15ish.  I sure hope the intended baby uses it.

I would have liked it to be squarer, but I ran out of yarn and did not want to go buy more for just one more repeat of each color.  So it ended up 42 inches wide and about 38 inches tall.
I love the primary color (plus green)  theme.  I think it will suit a child much longer than pastels.  Plus, it is gender neutral so other babes can use it too.

I finished this off on Saturday, well before the Super Bowl, so I worked on something else during that time (soon to be revealed). Superbowl crafting is great, if you haven't tried it.  Last year, I crocheted an entire giant granny square baby blanket for my nephew.

What did you do during the Super Bowl? Or did you watch Downton Abbey?



  1. We DVRed Downton Abbey and watched it after the Super Bowl. Stephen was afraid there would be no DA because of the Super Bowl.
    ME: They're not going to cancel Masterpiece Theater because the Super Bowl is on.
    STEPHEN: Are you telling me they are not directed at the same audience?
    (For Stephen they are the same. I barely ever notice the Super Bowl.)

  2. Watched the commercials and unmuted the t.v. long enough to hear them, then continued reading a book. Will watch Downton in the next couple of days on demand!

  3. Your blanket turned out beautifully!