Thursday, February 2, 2012

Dishcloth Favorites

It is no secret, I love making dishcoths.

I made this pair this past weekend for a whoopdwhoop swap.  I love Whoopdwhoop.  You should try it.

I never tire of making this pattern over and over.  The pattern is Not-Your-Average Washcloth by Elizabeth Prusiewicz from the book 101 Designer One -Skein Wonders.  This set is made with Sugar 'n Cream in ecru and sage as requested by the swapper.

I love the One-Skein Wonders series.  Have you tried it? I have a few of the books form the collection, but I probably should get them all.  I also have One-Yard Wonders for sewing (hmmm, maybe I should sew this weekend).  Anyway, I am cheap so I like to make projects that only take one-skein or less a lot of the time.  (I do splurge for much bigger projects from time to time.)   I guess that is one of the reasons I love dishcloths so much; you can usually make two from a skein of Sugar 'n Cream cotton.  Plus they are quick and don't require looking at a pattern a lot.  Oh, and they are so useful. The Trifecta...Quadfecta?

What do you keep going back to?  What do you feel like you do over and over?  Anybody need any dishcloths?  I may feel generous and make some for a commenter or two. (Can you tell, I would really like some comments.)

Oh and Happy Groundhogs Day!

I'm alright and nobody worried 'bout me


  1. I love sugar and creme! I wanted to make this blanket out of cotton yarn, but the non-baby-color cotton yarn was, like, 8 bucks a skein! Youch! (BTW: I started the granny square blanket and am LOVING it! I want to make the Attic 24 ripple blanket for me and Nate, next!)

    1. I love the Attic 24 Ripple blanket. She always picks the best colors.