Friday, March 23, 2012


I have been a bit lax this week with the blog posting.  Why?  Because I am playing single mom this week and the next two weeks while my husband is away at work...95 miles away.  It is not like he is a million miles away, just far enough to not come home every night.  He will be home for weekends, but during the week D and I are mono e mono.

That means little to no crafting time for me.  I did finish a project before he left, but it is a surprise, so I can't post about it yet.

Instead, I have been filling my time cleaning our new rug, which the dogs decided to pee on in multiple places.

I texted my husband and asked what to do.  He said to use mommy spit because that cleans everything.
I worked for over an hour last night and let the rug dry overnight.

This morning it is all better, which is a huge relief.  The dogs will now be kenneled at night. The whole reason we had to get this rug is because we had to tear up the carpet and refinish the wood because the dogs were peeing on it.  I am just tried of it.

I do have some good news on the home front.  I am no longer coveting my neighbor's flowers because I have my own.

I can't wait for the weekend to go do some yard work.  My husband will probably have to mow.  I will probably have to pick up a winter's worth of dog droppings.

What do you have planned this weekend?  Going to see The Hunger Games movie?


  1. "Mommy spit"? Ugh.
    This weekend we're going to hope for good weather and get Charlie's pic taken outside, then work on Sunday.

    1. I love getting photos taken. We go to the portrait studio twice a year for D. Good luck with the weather.

  2. We have some kind of doggie-pee-cleaner machine if you want to borrow it. I will see HG in theaters, but I will wait a couple of weeks, as I always do for the big movies. I enjoy it more without the screaming crowds, AND I don't have to worry about being attacked if I can't help making snarky comments. And I usually can't help making snarky comments. Half the fun. :-)

    1. We have a carpet cleaner. I did not use mommy spit to clean it up. Thanks for the offer.

      I am not sure when I'll get to see HG.