Monday, July 9, 2012

Vacation: Part 1

Last week, we went on a real family vacation.  I call it "real" because most of our past vacation time has been spent visiting family.  That is a good vacation, but I wanted something a bit different.  I wanted to go somewhere we had never gone before and do new things, just the three of us.

Originally, we were thinking of heading up to Chicago.  Yes, my husband and I have been there before, but it was about 10 years ago and that was only a day trip.  I had a better idea to go to Madison, WI and see are very good friends from college and their son (only a few months younger than D).

This was a great vacation.  Despite 100 degree plus days, we had a lot of fun around the city and also had a lot of downtime. We went to the zoo and the children's museum.  We walked by the lake and got ice cream.  We saw a movie. We swam every day in the hotel pool. We drove all over the city.   We arrived back feeling refreshed and happy rather than frazzled from a over-packed vacation.  

I did not take a single picture of our friends.  What an oversight.  I guess we were just happy hanging out and having fun.

That's me being my daughter's zookeeper.

Where do you go on vacation? Do trips to see family count as vacation?


  1. I think sometimes trips to see family have to count, depending on how much time/money is available. This is kind of a new idea for me, since I grew up within an hour of all close relatives. This year we are going to Stephen's family's camp in upstate NY. I am excited for this because we will get to see members of his extended family I love and I will get to see camp at last, after listening to Stephen talk about it for eleven years.

    1. That does sound like a great vacation. Growing up every vacation we had was the same, we drove to South Dakota and saw family. I think a vacation is whatever you are not used to doing. We go and see our parents in the Quad Cities all the time so I wouldn't count that as a vacation. Ahve fun!