Friday, July 27, 2012

Beanie Town

I made a fabulous hat from the newest edition of KnitSimple

 I want to make the cowl on the cover too.  So amazing!!!!

I may or may not have a magazine subscription problem, but I do make things from the magazines, so it is fine, right?

So, this hat was supposed to be a knit-along with Vickie Howell starting July 31st.  Well, I couldn't wait, so I cast on and made it all in one day, while watching Doctor Who (2005) from the beginning on Netflix.

I had to take self-portraits while wearing it so they are not the best.  I had to do a lot of cropping.

And my hair is extra flippy.

The pattern is Beanie Town by Vickie Howell and I used her yarn too Sheep(ish) in Magenta(ish).  It only took about half a skein so it is a really economical project.  I also recommend it as a first cabling project since there are only two rows of cables.

Again, I am knitting something that is not yet in the Ravelry database.  But you can see the project here on the KnitSimple website.

Do you like it?  I am going to put it in my shop once I get some better photos. Any tips for self-portraits?

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