Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hometown Run

Summer is the time for festivals.  This part weekend my hometown held theirs.  Well, it is not technically my town, I went to junior high and high school there and my mailing address was Eldridge, but we lived a few miles away in a unincorporated town of Park View.  So it is my hometown and not.

Anyway, part of the Eldridge day celebration is the Moonlight Chase .  It is unusual because it is at 9 pm.     It was still hot, hot, hot, but not like the morning or afternoon.  I started running this race when I was 14 or so and I like to participate when I can.  This year, like last, I signed myself up for the 4 mile race and my daughter for the 1/4 mile. 

She did pretty good.  Her Merma bought her special running clothes.

I still had to run with her, but I bet next year she will run all by herself.

As for my race, I suffered through it.  It was worth it to get Mike's Hard Lemonade and popsicles at the end. My mom even bought me a Lion's Club pork chop sandwich (delish!).

My cold made me slow.  I ran 38:38 according to my watch.  According to my chip, I ran 35:00 which is a big fat lie.  I can run that fast, but I did not.  They announced that they were having chip timing "issues," so I guess my "issue" is that it made me faster.  I have a lot of running improvement to make before me next race on July 28th , The Bix7.

Does your hometown do a festival?  What is their big draw?


  1. I also have a hometown that is not my hometown. I grew up with a Fountain Inn address and a Simpsonville phone number, which is what I told people when they asked where I was from. Also, I lived the first four years of my life in Mauldin and went to church there until I transferred my membership (um, last year). So I guess I am from the Golden Strip, which is not in fact a strip club, but the string of those three towns. Fun South Carolina Facts.

    1. I just usually say I am from the "Quad Cities area" or "Davenport area". Or the more general "Iowa" for those not familiar with the mid-west. Actually once I said I was from Iowa and asked what state that was in.