Sunday, July 15, 2012

Super Mom Week

This week I need to be Super Mom. On top of my normal working and parenting duties, tonight begins Vacation Bible School at my church and I signed up to help.

Months ago when I signed up to be a crafts volunteer, I was so happy to be helping out.  I want to help out at my church, I really do, but I never seem to be able to get my schedule and the volunteering schedule to coincide.  I thought VBS would be a way for be to be active at church while meeting other parents.

Well the VBS week has come and I have two unforeseen problems.

1. My husband is out of town all week for work.  He was gone last week too.  He has been gone a lot.  Without him home this week, I am not sure how to feed D.  After work I need to run.  Yes, I do need to run.  I can't skip.  I have a 7 mile race to train for in under two weeks and a half-marathon in September.  I can't skip.  So that means D and I will get home about 5:15 and we need to be at church before 6:00.  In the few minutes home I need to shower and feed D and myself, oh and the dogs.  I am planning on Lunchables for dinner every night.  When we get home from VBS approximately 8:45 pm, D will have to go to bed immediately.  Then in the morning it will all start over again.  Not sure when the dishes and laundry will get done.  But I have managed before and I will manage again, this dishes can pile up.

2.  I have a cold. The dreaded summer cold.  It is 95 degrees outside and I have a cold.  I have been taking cold medicine, but it makes me tired and unfocused.  So maybe what I am writing doesn't make sense.  If it doesn't make sense, I have a cold. Sorry.  I feel pretty crappy.  I have a cough and am sneezing a lot.  And my nose, so runny.  I had a less-than-desired race on Saturday.  But if I can run 4 miles feeling like this, I can run more and be the best VBS volunteer.

3. (Did I say two?) I also have a lot of stress this week because I am teaching a summer class and this is the last week before finals.  This is extra on top of my regular job. Work is getting pretty stressful in general because we need to get everything in the library ready for the start of school.  Whoever thinks being a librarian is all about reading books at desk and shelving, are so wrong. But somehow I manage go get my work done and work even better under pressure.

So this is the week to be Super Mom.  The cold medicine tells me I am all ready to go, but I have a feeling the cold medicine lies. I appreciate the lie.  This is the life of a mother, it doesn't matter if you are ready or not, you do it.  That is what makes all moms super.


  1. Everyone is having a summer cold. I think it is from too much air conditioning. I had Mark's three kids last week and all were sick. Hanna had a fever and a cough. Didn't realize it was a chest cold until I ran out of cough med and started feeding her head and chest cold med. She started getting better then. Miles has pink eye in both eyes and Carson had a runny nose and cough. Don't think they had much fun at grandma's. Now Stacies boys have pink eye in both eyes and Stacie and Averie have the chest cold. I am hoping I don't get sick, too. I started coughing this afternoon.

    You are probably sick, because you are stressed. Hopefully you can go to bed early every night. Your body needs the rest to heal.

    1. It seems everyone is sick. I hope they all feel better soon.

  2. You are definitely super. If anyone could pull off this crazy schedule, it's you. But don't forget to rest when it's done so you can get to feeling better!