Monday, November 28, 2011

Vacation Projects

I had a four day weekend thanks to Thanksgiving.  It was pretty wonderful.  I got to eat two really great meals with two great families.  I had amazing luck with black Friday shopping (only three more gifts to buy!).  And I got to knit a bit.

I made 4 dishcloths.  I only have photos of two since I already gave one away to my mother and I made two of the blue.

 This one I gave to my co-worker and office mate, Amy.

I made two of these for my daughter's day care teachers.  I'll make them some more stuff soon.

That is a snowflake pattern in the dishcloth.  It is difficult to tell from the photo.  I haven't blocked it yet.  I really need to work on photographing knitted items.  I realize I am an amateur at this, so I just keep trying.

I also got to work on my hitchhiker.

It is really coming along.  I have 21 of the 42 teeth completed, however I am not really half way.  The project grows every row, so I have a lot more knitting to do.  Maybe I am a third of the way through knitting and half way through the "teeth".  I am trying to do 1-2 teeth every day.  Last night I had to rip out several teeth to fix some wonky stitches, so I did do 2 teeth, but I really ended up where I started.

I also got some yummy yarn at The Yarn Shoppe in Davenport, IA on small business Saturday.  I had to do my part, right?

It is Cascade 220. I have a lovely book that is going to help me figure out how to use it:

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