Wednesday, November 30, 2011

November Totals

I am attempting to loose some weight before my sister's wedding this June.  For the past two years, I was taking some medication that caused me to gain 15-20 pounds over my preferred weight.  I changed prescriptions about two months ago.  In October, I lost 5 pounds.  I was pretty excited.  I didn't do anything different.  I just continued to workout 5 days a week like I have been doing and eat normally.  This is why my weight was so frustrating, I trained for a half-marathon all spring and summer and didn't loose a pound.  I change my meds and continue to run less than in the summer and I loose 5. At least I am on the right track now.

I knew November would be tough because of Thanksgiving.  Also colder weather just makes me want to eat.  I lost one pound in November, which I think is pretty amazing considering the food I have been eating.  I was really hoping to just maintain through the holidays.  Maybe I can prove myself wrong and actually loose 2-3 pounds in December.  I don't know though, I love Christmas cookies.

I am now 14 pounds away from my goal weight for June 2012.  I think I can.

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