Friday, November 18, 2011

Made the Leap

Last night I made the leap, I went to open knitting night at The Fiber Universe.  Why is this so exciting?  Well I have never gone to knit with a group since I moved to Peoria two years ago. I joined a Meet-up knitting group (Knitorious) a long time ago and have never attend an actual meet-up session even through I could walk to the meeting spot from my house and I'll admit, I never went because I was scared to try something new in a new place with new people.  In Nashville, I had a steady lunch date to knit with some pretty wonderful ladies, and I even attended a Knit in Public event.  Since moving to Peoria, my knitting has been home bound with a few trips to knit in vehicles (obviously while I did not drive) or a bit on my lunch break at work.  I have had difficulty making friends and joining in on new situations in Peoria, so this really was a  leap for me, I was so nervous.

Knitting night was great because I got to talk to other people who love yarncrafting as much as me, or more.  There were definitely a few who loved it more, a level I aspire to.  I even recognized two ladies from my visit to the grand opening of the LYS. I remember helping them pick out the colors for a hat.  I did not remember their faces, but I remembered the hat pattern and the yarn selection.  I loved the comradely of different people, all at different levels of skill and knowledge of knitting or crocheting, sharing and working together, but all at their own pace and own project.  I hope I can go again in two weeks (I figure they will be closed for Turkey Day).

I worked merrily on another one of these:

first mitten

I finished my first mitten on Wednesday night, so I started my second mitten on Thursday for knit night.  This first mitten is a bit wonky.  It does not fit my daughter and the stitches are uneven, but it was my first try at a mitten and I am happy with it. 

I am starting to rely on my pattern reading ability and not watching online videos. I am trying to build confidence and hey, it worked: I made a mitten.  It is totally recognizable as a mitten too, not something someone would have to say "It's wonderful...what is it?"  Definitely a mitten.

Now that I have this first one out of the way, I am making my first mitten again (the one I started a knit night).  I hope that is fits my daughter this time around.  She is just happy that it is her favorite color, but I'm striving for a bit more. I am watching the mitten length closely this time and maybe adding a bit more length to the finger tips.  She is a 95 percentile (or higher) sort of toddler, so her hands are not normal toddler hand sized.

Maybe I can finish the new pair up by the end of the weekend?  We'll see.  My husband says we have a lot to do around the house this weekend.  He is right, I just didn't know we were going to do anything about it.

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