Tuesday, November 15, 2011


So in my previous post about knitting, I said I was ready for something different.  I did cast on mittens for my daughter, but then after knitting the cuff, discovered that I did not have the correct size needle for the next section.  Boo.  I even went to two craft stores to find the right size to no avail.

It is not that this is an unusual size needle it is the length of the circular needle that seems to be unusual.  I prefer to magic loop knit over using double pointed needles.  In fact, I really hate knitting with DPNs and avoid them at all costs. So I am at a stand still with finishing the mittens unless I use the DPNs or find a nice online retailer of long circular needles.  Maybe the new LYS, The Fiber Universe will have a pair.  Anyway, I did not work on mittens, I did something new.

first cables!!!


I decided to try cabling out.  It looks so cool that, I thought it would be hard, but I found them quite enjoyable and easy to complete.  This is an easier cabling project, I am sure, but it is rated at average difficulty by Ravelry and "intermediate" by Knit Simple. Here is my Ravelry link to see the details.

My first cabling project is the cover cowl from the current Knit Simple. 

This is their's:

This is mine:

#15 Cover Cowl

It only took a few Doctor Who episodes to complete (I am a new fan and watched the end of season one and beginning of season two on Netflix).  I really love knitting and Doctor Who together.  I also love hockey and knitting.  Some things just go together, mainly sitting and knitting or sitting, watching TV and knitting or sitting, watching daughter and knitting.  I haven't quite worked up to standing or walking and knitting.  (I once saw a news story on a lady who walked her dog and knit simultaneously; I'm not there, yet.)

I can't wait for the scarf weather to arrive.  I want it to get cold simply so I can wear my hand-knits.

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