Monday, November 14, 2011

Shut Out: A Review

Last year I read a pretty good book,  The Duff by Kody Keplinger.  I thought that story was funny and entertaining.  So, I eagerly awaited for her to publish her sophomore novel, Shut Out.

Lissa goes to a school where there is a rivalry between the boys soccer team and the football team. Lissa hates the rivalry because her boyfriend, Randy (quarterback), puts the rivalry ahead of her and their relationship.  She decides to put an end to the rivalry by enlisting the help of the girlfriends of all the soccer and football players to begin a sex strike. 

I had high hopes for Shut Out, but as the novel went on, I lost them.   Lissa is a control freak.  She is such a control freak that she can't communicate with others properly and it causes problems in her relationships.  I really did not like this girl and yet she got to date the quarterback (although that ends badly), has amazing friends, becomes a leader of a group and has a hot guy lusting after her.  I'm sorry.

Keplinger does not disappoint with the make-out scenes.  She is a very talented writer for expressing desire.  I just wish her characters were not total idiots.  Well the hottie, Cash (soccer player), seems like an okay guy, but Lissa, she just jumps to every wrong conclusion.

On point of my profession.  Being a librarian is very misunderstood.  Even people who use libraries often don't understand what librarians do.  In this story, Lissa is a page in a public library, that means she shelves books and does some other small tasks.  In no way should they (pages) be in-charge of locking up the library when they leave.  The whole time she is working at the library only once is a librarian's name mentioned.  I am happy she worked in a library, but the setting just wasn't correct.

On GoodReads I gave this book 2/5 stars.

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