Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Second Mittens

On Sunday, I finished my second pair of mittens.  My daughter loves them but they are a bit too big.  I guess she can use them for more than one winter.

second pair of mittens

I used a differnt pattern; this one is called Basic Cuff-Up Mittens.  It is nice because it makes varied sized childrens mittens and not just one-size-fits-not-my-three-year-old mittens.  This time I made a swatch and everything.  I made the 4/5 year-old sized mittens.   They fit her much better, but are a bit long.

I really love making mittens, I just wish they would turn out to be the right size.  I guess I need to try to make adult ones next.  Maybe I will try another yarn as well.

Leaving round things behind, I have started on my new and exciting project: Hitchhiker.   This scarf/shawlette is called Hitchhiker after Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy.  In that book, we learn that the ultimate answer to life is 42.  This scarf has 42 "teeth".  Here are my first few teeth.

I took this picture before working on it last night.  It now has seven or so teeth.

This is the finished product from the designer:


I hope my turns out just as beautiful. 

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