Friday, November 11, 2011

Christmas Cloths (Set 2)

One of my favorite things to knit are dishcloths.  As projects go, they are: small, easy, portable, cheap and very very useful.  I use a dishcloth every day, doesn't matter the weather (like so many warm wonderful hand-made yarn items.)  Dishcloths are practical and made of natural fiber (for natural fiber snobs, I not one).  Cotton yarn is cheap; each project costs under $1.I can start and finish a project in one sitting, if given that much time.  If I don't finish in one sitting, the pattern is easy enough to pick up and start without much thought.

Some may say dishcloths are boring.  And I guess that they are right on some level.  They are mostly all knits all the time, back and forth.  I still like to make dishcloths like that because the rhythmic, repetitive pattern is soothing to me.  I can watch TV without having to thing about remembering a pattern.  A dishcloth can be just a square with nothing special going on, but that is not how I make my dishcloths.  I make my most of my dishcloths with something extra.

This is my most recent endeavor.

present dishcloth
candy cane dishcloth
Joy dishcloth

These are Christmas Cloths Set 2 from KrisKnits.  Kris is a very talented designer and makes the most wonderful little dishcloth patterns.  The patterns are easy to follow with written-out instructions and a chart.  I tend to make a lot of KrisKnits dishcloths.  Maybe someday I will make them all.

That being said, I am really craving a new knitting experience and I seem stuck on my socks project.  I really don't feel them calling to me to work on them and I have not worked on them in weeks.  I probably shouldn't say "them" because it is only one sock.  I still have to make another one to make "it" a "them".

I think I will try my hand at making mittens.  A new yarn shop just opened up The Fiber Universe (today is the grand opening 11/11/11). This is very exciting because it is the only local yarn shop in Peoria. I am sure I can get some great yarn for my next project and the next and the next.  Plus, I hope to learn a lot in classes and open knit nights.

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