Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Wedding Weekend Wrap-Up

My little sister got married this weekend. The very same June weekend I got married, 7 years ago.  She started dating her now-husband at my wedding.

She looked so beautiful.

So did my daughter. I don't think I looked too shabby either.

We even got a nice family shot.

Kudos to my mom and Sheila for organizing all this.  I helped for just a few days and it drained all my energy.  I took a week's vacation to help out with my sister's wedding.  It wasn't really a vacation, but I was happy I got to help with the preparations.

 This is my mom with her three grandkids (flower girls and ring bearer.)

Where do moms get all this energy? Many people have commented to me that I have so much energy, but I pale in comparison to my mom and her sisters.

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  1. That dress is very unusual, and I love it. Seems kinda Jane Austen. If your mother has more energy than you do, she must be one whirlwind of a grandma.