Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Nearly Done

I have been working on knitting my first ever cardigan.  Really, it is my first time knitting any piece of clothing.

I am really so close to finishing.  I just have half a sleeve to finish and then add the button band.  Just a few more hours and it will be all done.



(So these photos aren't the greatest.  I really need to work with my photography skills.  Maybe I should think to take pictures using natural light instead of waiting until night.)

Soon it will look like this:

Well maybe not quite like that.  I think this cardi might be a bit big on me.  I even did two gauge swatches.   I guess only time will tell.  I'll finish it and block it, maybe this weekend.

I would have finished by now, but this came up.

So good.  Review to come.

What distractions do you have this week?

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