Friday, June 15, 2012

First Ever

It is my first every cardigan.  Are you surprised?

I have never knitted adult size clothes before and only two baby tops.  I did crochet a sweater for D a few years back, but this is really uncharted territory for me.

The pattern is Yoked Cardigan by Hannah Fettig.  I am knitting with Plymouth Encore yarn.

So far so good.  It doesn't look much like a cardigan now.  The pattern starts at the collar and works down, so this is a photo of the collar and shoulder parts of the cardigan.  You can see a bit of what it will look like on the pattern in the picture.

I also bought yarn to make another for D.  The won't exactly be matching sweaters because her's will be in purple.

In other totally unrelated news: tonight is my sister's wedding rehearsal and dinner.  Tomorrow, she gets married and I am her matron of honor.  I am so happy for my little sister.

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