Monday, June 25, 2012

Very Small Business Owner

Should I sell what I make?

I have been wrestling with this idea for a long time. I love making things, but making things costs money.  I love giving my handmade gifts, but my production seems to be outnumbering the gifts I need.  Selling seems like a logical option.  It is win-win.  I get rid of stuff I don't need to someone who needs and wants it, and make money to make more things.

But, I doubted my talents.  I see the flaws in my work.  Nothing I make is perfect.  Then I realized, nothing I would ever make is perfect and that is part of the joy of a handmade craft. 

Now, I am officially in business.  I created an Etsy shop called Knit Knot Ott. (Thanks to Genna for the name, I fell in love with it immediately)

You can access it here:

It is just a few things right now, but I hope to grow it as I sell things and reinvest in products. I also have some more things (lots of scarves and more dishcloths) to add once I get some photos taken.

I will also be selling some things at the Riverfront Farmer's Market in Peoria this summer.  The dates have not yet been firmed up.

Here I am,  a (very, very) small business owner and soon-to-be professional knitter (just as soon as I make that first sale).


  1. "Perfectionism is the voice of the oppressor, the enemy of the people. It will keep you cramped and insane your whole life." --Anne LaMott

    I have that quote memorized. Yes, your stuff is good enough to sell! I'm so proud of you. And I love the name.

    1. I love the quote! Maybe I will use it as my shop's motto.

  2. If you strive for perfection, you will always come up short. From one "creator" to another, I can tell you I get very easily frustrated when I make things and find flaws. The trick is to not sweat it; because once others see it, especially non-crafters, you will see through their eyes that it is truly great work! I have always loved what you make, and long thought you should be selling it, so I am glad to hear you are now on etsy! Best of luck! :)