Sunday, December 4, 2011

Handmade Gift Exchange Fall 2011

A wonderful little blog called Craftaholics Anonymous puts on an event called Handmade Gift Exchange

I decided to participate this year.  My partner was Kristin from My Junk Drawer.

I send her a crocheted scarf and three dishcloths.  You may remember the dishcloths from my post about  Christmas Cloths (Set 2).  I forgot however to take photos of the scarf before I sent it out.  I love the scarf pattern I used.  It is one of my favorites to crochet.  Here is one of my other scarves using that pattern:

It is lacy and airy and that is why I picked that pattern because Kristen lives in California.  She told me she loves scarves and the color green so I made her a green scarf with this yarn:
Everyone likes a little sparkle right?

In exchange, Kristen sent me this:

A sign for my craft books shelf and a pin for my coat.  I love them.

She emailed me last week saying her son had colored all over what she had made me.  I know her pain.  My daughter has left her mark on more than one of my crafts.  I like these substitutes, but I probably would have enjoyed anything she made.

I know there is another exchange in the summer and I will definitely participate again.

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