Thursday, December 8, 2011

Making Christmas Gifts

Christmas is just a bit over two weeks away.  At this time of year, most knitters/crafters go a bit crazy because they have great plans for knitting wonderful Christmas presents, but then realize there are not enough knitting hours left to complete them.  That is not me this year.  I only have two more things to make and I haven't started on them, but I'm not worried.  One is a hat and I know that that will come out pretty fast and easy since I made 4 of them for last Christmas.  The other project is a scarf.  I have a very lovely pattern picked out with fancy cables, but I also have a ribbed back-up plan in case I run out of time.  I just hope my borthers-in-law enjoy them.

I like making Christmas gifts or gifts in general.  I think there is a misconception of handmade gifts.  Handmade gifts are not cheap.  They are actually quite costly.  Yarn (and other crafting supplies) is not cheap, especially the good stuff (I spend nearly $20 on scarf yarn last night).  Time is also not cheap.  To make a hat I will spend several hours knitting.  To make a scarf, even more.  A lot of time and effort is put into selecting the right pattern and material and then into making the object.  I enjoy all these aspects, but that doesn't mean that the item is cheap.  I love ever stitch I make through knitting, crocheting or sewing.  I love every bead I place in jewelry making.  I love every bit of paper in card making or scrapbooking.  Handmade gifts say, "I love this and I am giving it to you because I love you, too."

I have finished two christmas gifts already:

The body scrubber for my daughter's teacher (a bit blurry sorry)

body scrubber
and the Hitchhiker....for me. 


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