Sunday, December 18, 2011

Adult Mittens

I have tried to make mittens and they all turn out wonky.  I made two different pairs for my daughter, but neither turned out quite right.  So I thought I would try adult mittens and see if I was any better at those (spoiler alert, not much.)

I made these mittens in a matter of two days.  I was lucky to have all of Saturday morning to myself as my husband had taken out daughter out to attend Build and Grow at Lowe's and then shop for my Christmas gift. I had hours of uninterrupted time, much of which I did spend knitting.  These mittens are for my Grandma and I wanted to get them done ASAP so they could be mailed to South Dakota on Monday, with hope of them making it there by Christmas.

I used the yard I bought on Small Business Saturday, I blogged about that here.  I decided to use a pattern from 60 Quick Knits:


I decided on the "Embroidered Mittens" pattern but to leave off the embroidery.  


I guess mine look like the picture.  They don't fit me quite right, but I have big hands.  My grandma is smaller and they should fit her just right.


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