Monday, April 9, 2012

The Race

I am a week behind in my posting.  Last week just got way too busy too fast with my daughter's birthday, tons to do for work and traveling and visiting for Easter weekend.

So pretending this is last Monday....I just finished my second half marathon.  All 13.1 miles.  It was a pretty cool morning.   I went outside to let the dogs out and made an emergency wardrobe change from running skirt and short-sleeved shirt to capri pants and long-sleeved shirt layered over the short-sleeved shirt.

I had my husband just drop me off before the race. I was freezing waiting for the race, but I did run into a few running friends, mainly my Realtor and a friend for the knitting store.

The Heights Half Marathon was an excellent and well organized race.  There were probably around 500 runners either running the whole race or the two-person relay.  The route was very scenic and there were lots of loops so you always knew where you were going.  All the runners were friendly and called encouragements to each other.  I saw an old cross country teammate.  She has gotten faster since high school, while I am slower.  She finished as the #7 woman in that race and she was running injured.  She is amazingly fast.

My main goal for the race was to run faster than my 2:06 finish at my first half marathon race.  I am happy to say I smashed that time.  I ran 1:59!!!!  That is an average of a 9:09 mile.  I was the 66th female.

I got a few photos taken a long the route, but I don't look too happy.

I guess I need to start practicing smiling while running.

My husband took a few of me once I got home.

I am much happier when it is over.  I have a few races I want to run this summer and then I have another half marathon for September.

What have you accomplished lately?  Anyone want to go for a run?

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